Working from the Home Office.

I know I make it sound easy to work from home but in reality, it can be a bear at times. There are so many distractions throughout the day that scream for my attention. The ham radio is the worse offender with all that exotic static trickling through my speaker producing the occasional dit or dah that unfocuses me from the task at hand and causes my mind to drift again to faraway lands.

Social Networks are a GREAT distraction.

Another obstacle is social networking sites. Everytime you see that little banner pop up showimg that antoher friend posted something of great importance that flashes over and over again breaking your concentration. There are SO many Social networking sites that I use that it can be a bit daunting at times.

Police scanners can cause your mind to drift.

And then the police scanner goes off telling me something important that I need to know, like five oh 10-1 thirteen fifty four. What would I have done if I had missed THAT ??

See, went totally off track there again. I guess that is one of the drawback of working from home.

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Working from home


I have a strong passion for all things radio. When I am not writing about different types of radio gear, I am out in the shack working the world on the HF bands, or troubleshooting an older shortwave radio.

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