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Getting the most BANG for your Buck on the CB radio
How to get the most BANG for your Buck with the Uniden Pro505XL CB radio. So, you wanna be channelmaster on the Citizens Band? Well here is How you can do [...]
Uniden Pro520XL
Will the Uniden Pro520XL compete with a more expensive radio ?
Uniden Line of CB radios
When deciding on your first CB radio purchase, the radio line that comes to mind is Uniden. The Uniden line of CB radio equipment offers something for [...]
The Uniden Pro505XL A small radio at a tiny price
The Uniden Pro505XL The small Uniden Pro505XL is a compact radio coming in at just under $40 bucks. When deciding on a radio for your vehicle do not let [...]
The Uniden Pro505XL Size Doesnt Matter
The Uniden Pro505XL is an F.C.C compliant CB radio that will deliver full power at a fraction of the cost.
The Uniden Pro-505XL review
The Uniden Pro505XL is an excellent choice for a small compact radio with full legal power. But what are some of the basic features and what do they mean ?
The Diamond V2000A Tri-Band Antenna
The Diamond V2000A works on 6M (52 -54MHZ) 2M (144-148MHZ) and 440.
Being prepared with a hand crank emergency radio
Being Prepared is the responsibility of every Citizen. DO NOT be caught off guard when the weather gets rough with a Hand Crank Emergency Radio.
Looking for a hand crank emergency radio
When looking for a hand crank emergency radio, which options are right for you ?
Choosing your first CB radio
You have finally decided that CB radio is the right choice for you, so NOW what ?