CB and Ham radio communications

Uniden Pro520XL Uniden Radios and Electronics. Uniden has been designing and manufacturing CB radios and equipment for many years now. The Electronic boards made by Uniden can be found in many other CB radios including Cobra CB radios. The small compact design and no-nonsense layout of the Pro520XL has made them the number one radio […]

When deciding on your first CB radio purchase, the radio line that comes to mind is Uniden. The Uniden line of CB radio equipment offers something for everyone, whether you are just starting out with CB radio Communications with an inexpensive 40 channel AM radio like the Uniden Pro520XL or going with the top of […]

The Uniden Pro505XL   The small Uniden Pro505XL is a compact radio coming in at just under $40 bucks. When deciding on a radio for your vehicle do not let the small size of this radio fool you. You can read a review of the Uniden Pro505XL HERE. Another review of the Uniden Pro505XL HERE […]

The Uniden Pro 505XL Size doesn’t matter When looking for a CB radio for your vehicle, the size of the radio can be an important factor. The 505XL is a tiny radio weighing in at just under 2 Lbs. Compared to other CB radios that are out on the market the Uniden Pro505XL is tiny. […]

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