[box type=”info”]Deciding which solar panel kit is right for you[/box]

When confronted with the decision to purchase a motorhome solar panel kit, their are usually a lot of questions that my come up including which kit may be right for you. Whether you are a weekend warrior or live full time in your RV (Recreational Vehicle) or motorhome a solar panel kit can help save on energy costs and provide power when you need it.

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[box type=”info”]What does a solar panel kit include ?[/box]
Most kits usually contain the solar panel or panels as well as a voltage regulator and a power inverter. Some kits will provide a battery bank as well.
A solar panel is a panel with photocells that can harness the suns solar rays and convert it to DC (Direct Current) to charge up a battery. A battery bank is two batteries or more that are charged up by the solar panel. A DC voltage regulator will stop the power from the solar panels when the batteries are fully charged, keeping the from overcharging and possibly damaging them. From the battery bank the DC power connects to a power inverter that converts the DC power to AC (Alternating Current) found in most homes. You can also run any DC electrical devices that require 12 volts from the battery bank. Most RV and motorhome kits connect to an existing battery bank in your motorhome or RV, so it is really simple to set up and get started. If you plan on using an RV or motorhome solar panel kit for emergency power then you should consider purchasing a battery or battery bank as well.

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[box type=”info”]Why should I go with Solar power ?[/box]

During Hurricane Sandy a good portion of the population of New York state went without power for an extended amount of time. People that were prepared with gas powered generators were still caught off guard when the power extended past the first two weeks. As New York was cut off from regular supplies the demand for gasoline increased and more and more people were without power, unable to refill there supply. The power outage lasted over a month in some areas until power was able to be restored.

[box type=”info”]Motorhome and RV solar panel kits[/box]

Motorhome and RV solar panel kits do not have to be used just for your RV. With a quick setup kit you can have power when you need it most. During extended power outages a solar panel kit can travel with you if you need to relocate and set up a temporary shelter somewhere.
Solar panel kits are a great way to be prepared during major storms. Not only do you have an unlimited source of power to supply all your household electrical devices, but once you are all set up you will never have to worry about noisy gasoline generators and storing gas.

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Why every home should have a solar panel kit


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