portable solar power generators for home use


 As you prepare for the winter season one choice you will have to make is what type of emergency power will you be using. Of all the choices that are available, the three biggest are gas powered generators, wind generators and portable solar power generators for home use.

Gas generators have been around for a long time, and have always been the most reliable choice for homeowners as well as preppers and survivalists, but gasoline has to be stored and can be dangerous, and can become hard to find in an extended power outage. A gasoline generators and fuel are heavy and hard to move around.  Plus it just doesn’t smell as nice as it could. Maybe if they gave it a better scent like they do with natural gas it wouldn’t be so bad.

Wind turbines are a more natural approach, as long as the wind is blowing. Otherwise you will be out their in the field spinning the thing by hand. Although I do find 40 to 50 foot towers attractive, some of your neighbors might now be as overjoyed as i would be at the sight of it. Could you imagine lugging a wind turbine and tower to a campsite.

[box type=””]Their is no reason to be in the dark with solar powered generators[/box]

Out of all the choices a portable solar power generators for home use seems like the best option. No keeping your neighbors up all hours of the night while you run your generator to surf the internet. No more long waits at the gas pump fighting for gas. Solar powered Generators are not only stealthy and quiet, but are very environmentally friendly. In the case of a bug out you can take it with you. You can even use it while camping.

A solar power generator for home use will pay for itself in a short amount of time. If you choose a solar power kit for your home it will also increase it’s value.


[box type=””]Don’t be caught in the dark when the next storm hits[/box]

The portability of a solar powered generator means that you can take the power with you as you go. Whether you choose each piece of the system and build up as your needs increase, or purchase a system that is ready to plug and play solar powered generators will keep you powered all winter long.


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Why a solar powered generator is a good choice.


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