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Determining which solar panel kit is right for you can be very frustrating with all the technical data that is out their on the open market. The first thing you would need to do is to determine what the average per hour load is at peak hours. If your peak average is less than 5.5 then a small 95 watt solar panel system would be more than enough. This figure comes from the no-load voltage of the solar panel (17.6) times the charging amp per hour of the panel.

When installing a solar power system in your motorhome or RV, you will not have to install a battery bank or power inverter if you use a gas generator. You can install the solar panel and digital regulator and connect it directly to the existing power inverter that is in your RV or motorhome. You can also connect it directly to your existing RV battery.

The 17.6V comes from the Solar panel when their is NO load. Go power GP-RV95 solar panel

What is a power inverter ?

The power inverter converts the 12 Volts DC into 120 Volts AC (standard house current) for your electrical devices. Depending on the battery bank and charging rate of your solar panels determines how much of a load that you can put on the system.
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The quality of AC current that you get depends on the type of inverter that you purchase. If you do not have any high tech devices then a modified sine wave power inverter will be enough. If you plan on running TV’s or radio equipment then you will want a pure sine wave inverter. These produce a much cleaner AC current, oftentimes cleaner than what you get from your power company.

The digital regulator

The digital regulator is an important piece of any solar power system. The digital regulator ensures that the battery does not overcharge from the solar panel, and discharge when the sun is down.  A good digital regulator will also show the amps being used and the charge in the battery bank. If you purchase a larger one now, you can add solar panels to the system later on if your loads increase.

Which motorhome solar panel kit is right for me


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