Solar panels fit your lifestyle

Motorhome solar panel kits are a great way to make a smaller footprint and save on costly fuel prices. Whether you are a weekend warrior or retired and living in your RV (Recreational Vehicle) year round, a solar power system can save you money.

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Finding out what you need

Solar panel kits come in all shapes and sizes from basic starter kits that you setup and use while you camp to full blown solar panels that mount on the roof and constantly charge up your battery or batteries as you travel.  Deciding on which is right for you depends on what your needs are. If you have a lot of electrical appliances and live in your motorhome then a solar panel on the top of your RV and some deep cycle batteries would be needed. If you are a weekend warrior and only take the family out camping once in a while then a portable solar panel kit would be plenty of power to provide you and your family electricity for all your needs.

What comes in a motorhome solar panel kit

A solar panel kit usually comes with:

  • Solar panel (or panels) depending on size
  • A power inverter.
  • Be sure to check whether it comes with a battery
  • Any mounting hardware that may be needed to properly position the panels

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A power inverter ? 

So, what the heck is a power inverter and why do I need one ? A power inverter converts the DC (Direct Current) that is produced from the batteries and converts it to common household power (AC) so that you can run your appliance and electrical devices as needed. Be sure that when you choose your solar power system that it includes a pure sine wave power inverter. This will produce the cleanest AC power to your devices allowing them to run better and cooler and extend the life of the battery bank.

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What size battery should I get ?

The battery size depends on how much power you need also. If you only have a small fridge and a few lights then a regular battery would be just fine. If you have a heavier load then you will want a bigger battery or a several batteries that can be connected together to keep things running.
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The solar panel kits have one other luxury that full blown solar panel installs don’t have. You do NOT need to re-position your RV or motorhome throughout the day to get the best sun exposure. You can easily move the panels to charge up the batteries.More on using RV and Motor home panel kits for emergency communications can be found HERE

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So which solar panel kit is right for me

As you can tell, there are many choices to consider when deciding to go with solar power. Whether you start off with a solar power generator or go with a full blown system and run everything using solar power. The final decision is how much you need and what you want to pay to get you going with solar power.

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what you need to know about motorhome solar panel kits


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