The Uniden Pro 505XL

Size doesn’t matter

When looking for a CB radio for your vehicle, the size of the radio can be an important factor.

The 505XL is a tiny radio weighing in at just under 2 Lbs. Compared to other CB radios that are out on the market the Uniden Pro505XL is tiny. The width is 4 ¾ inch wide by 6 ½ inch deep.

With today’s Micro-electronics and surface mount components, why are CB radios still so darn big ?


Most CB and Ham radio operators still associate the size of the radio with the amount of power output. The bigger the radio, the better it is. That is one reason why HF (High Frequency) base station radio’s are so big as well. IF you take a look at the VHF/UHF radios that are out on the market, you will notice that they are tiny compared to HF radios. A good example of this is the Baofeng UV-5R series of radios. Not only do they have tremendous VHF and UHF coverage, but they are about the size of your palm.

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Major complaints.

One of the odd things about the Uniden Pro505XL is the UP/DOWN channel buttons. When mobile it can be a bit difficult to move around the 40 CB channels, taking your eyes off the road. Another complaint is that if you do not place the radio in a spot where you can see the display directly pointed at you it can be hard to read. For a radio that is priced in the $30 dollar range these are minor issues that can easily be resolved with a little thought before you install the radio in your car.

Overall the Uniden Pro505XL does get excellent reviews. It is a solid performer at a fraction of the price for an FCC compliant CB radio in the US.

Why should I buy a Uniden.

The Uniden Pro505XL is a great starter radio when you want to try out CB. It is a basic CB radio with no frills. Its small size allows it to be installed in almost any vehicle out of the way. It is also great for temporary installations when you may be traveling or off-roading. Why spend $100+ on a radio that you are only going to use once a year.

A word about the Export 10M radios.

I have to mention that the Uniden Pro 505XL is NOT an export 10 meter radio designed for ham use. It is a fully compliant FCC CB radio made for use in the Citizens band. Nothing more, nothing less. The Export 10 meter radios that are flooding the market are illegal for use on the Citizens band here in the United States, and if you are not a licensed Amateur Radio operator you can and will find yourself in trouble with the Federal Communications Commission.

SO what are you saying.

Overall the Uniden Pro505XL is a great little radio that will perform just as well as a $500 radio on the same CB band. Yes, you DO get more features with the more exotic 10 meter export radios that are on the market, but overall the 505XL is a great little radio. When coupled up to a good CB antenna and a power microphone you will sound just as good as the more expensive radios at a quarter of the cost.
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The Uniden Pro505XL Size Doesnt Matter


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