The Uniden Pro505XL is a small, compact CB radio made for communications on the FCC designated 11 meter Citizens Band. It is a basic radio that will provide decent communications with out a lot of features. The small size makes it an excellent choice for survival communications weighing in at just under 2 Lbs, or mounted in your car without being intrusive. The radio just works.

Uniden’s long history.

According to the Wikipedia page “Uniden was established on February 7, 1966 by its founder Hideo Fujimoto. Uniden became a well-known brand in the 1970s by manufacturing and marketing millions of CB radios, under the Uniden brand as well as popular private brand labels such as Realistic and Cobra.”

What are some of the features.

Some of the basic features the low priced Uniden Pro 505XL include:

  • Public Address (PA) Function: Connect to an external PA speaker for amplified announcements
  • Instant Channel 9: Quickly set the radio to emergency/channel 9
  • Signal/RF Power Indicator: Check the relative strength of incoming transmissions
  • External Speaker Jack: Plug in an external speaker for better sound
  • External PA Jack: Allows connection of a PA speaker
The Uniden Pro505XL
What’s included in the Uniden pro505XL box

A public Address system.

The Public address system or P.A, allows you to communicate through a loud speaker to provide announcements to others that are in the immediate area. This can be useful when talking to large crowds, or search and rescue operations. You will need to place an external speaker on your vehicle or under the hood to use this feature. This can also be used for listening to the radio when away from your vehicle.

Instant Channel 9.

The instant Channel 9 feature of the Uniden Pro 505XL allows you to quickly turn the CB radio to Channel 9 for REACT communications. This feature is a throwback to the days when REACT was very active. In some areas

REACT began as a CB radio Emergency Channel 9 monitoring organization across the United States and Canada in 1962. Initially, the primary role of REACT volunteers was to monitor Channel 9, the CB Emergency Channel, to help motorists. Later, duties grew to include communications after disasters (tornadoes, floods…), and in some places before disasters (storm spotting). As well, REACT safety communications for parades, runs/walks and other community events became prominent. Now, REACT Teams rarely use CB primarily, a large percentage have now added amateur, FRS, GMRS, Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS), Trunked radio systems and business band radio (LMR) to their public service capabilities. Their original purpose, to monitor CB has largely gone by the wayside.


Signal/RF Power Indicator.

The signal/RF power meter will show you how strong a signal is coming in. It is indicated by a group of bars on the front of the display, just to the left of the channel indicator. The more bars (up to 4) the stronger the signal.

The RF power indicator will show when you talk into the microphone. Although this may seem useless, it will actually be a first indication that you may have something wrong with your antenna system or radio. If the SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) or antenna is not working properly, you will notice changes in the power output. This can also save your radio from damage should the antenna start to develop a problem. You will also notice Microphone problems right away with this method. If the bars stop moving when you talk and stay steady, then it is a safe bet that your are having audio problems.

External Speaker Jack.

The external speaker jack allows you to place an external speaker in a handy location for better sound from the radio. Most Mobile CB radios have the speaker placed either on the bottom of the radio or on top. This directs the sound away from you making the radio harder to hear. By using an external speaker you can direct the sound towards you making it easier and clearer. An external speaker jack is a common feature on most CB radios.

External PA Jack.

This is the connection that you would use for a PA system. When an external speaker is connected to this jack on the back of the radio, your voice will be heard through the speaker. You will not be transmitting a signal over the channel you are on. This is handy when talking to a group of people in the immediate area.

Can you find the Undein Pro505XL
The Undein Pro505XL small size will fit almost any dash

The bottom line.

The Uniden Pro 505XL CB radio is just a neat little radio. It is small, lightweight and just works like it should. You do not get a lot of bells and whistles with this radio, just a handy communications device that will work. Uniden has made CB for over 40 years, and most Manufacturers use Uniden electronics in their brands.

The Uniden Pro 505XL also has a price tag that will not break the bank. If you looking for a small CB radio for your SHTF survivalist/Prepper communications, or just need a low priced radio to see if CB radio is right for you, you can’t go wrong with a Uniden Pro-505XL.

No the Uniden Pro-505XL is NOT this small.
The itty Bitty Little Uniden Pro-505XL at Amazon

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See you on the air.



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