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Introducing the Alinco DX-SR8T HF radio 160M to 10M all mode. Get yours today at Amateur Radio Supplies


Features of DX-SR8T/E

  • Coverage of All short-wave and HF amateur bands (DX-SR8T North American /DX-SR8E European and other regions) Covers the 160m to 10m amateur bands including 5.3MHz (T-model only) in SSB, CW, AM and FM modes. Output power is 100W SSB/CW and FM, 40W in AM with low and super-low power settings for QRP operation. In addition, the general coverage receiver covers 135KHz to 30MHz in all modes.
  • Detachable front control panel Remove front control panel with large LCD display allowing you to install the radio with greater flexibility anywhere including  your car, boat or your shack. (Optional EDS-17 cable required)
  • Direct DATA entry via the key pads While the main dial tunes at the default 10Hz/resolution (adjustable in set mode), the numerical key pads can be utilized for fast direct frequency input, band selection and more.
  • Fight QRM with these STANDARD features Feel free to reject unwanted signals with the IF shift. Choose among a narrow filter, a noise-blanker or use RIT/TXIT to stay out of QRM.
  • Emphasis on CW Operation An electronic keyer unit is standard. You’re able to  receive CW using either upper or lower side of the carrier frequency. Choice of side tone pitch, FULL (QSK), Semi or Auto break-in, split, narrow filter, AGC and RF gain.
  • World-class transmit audio quality A dynamic microphone (T/E models) and a speech compressor come standard for sharp, clear and powerful transmitting audio.
  • Enhanced scan modes Numerous scan modes are available including Priority, Search, Busy, Timed, Memory and Programmed search. Timed scan setting does not require squelch-mute allowing you to monitor data-modes and broadcasts simultaneously with memory search scan.
  • Additional convenient features include RF Attenuator and Pre-amplifier selectable in 4 steps, / 3 TX power output levels with a Super-Low setting (QRP 0.1W~2W variable) / Dual VFO / 600ch memories in 3 banks / Connections for Auto-antenna tuner and Liner amplifier ALC output / Fully independent AF level, squelch, RIT and IF shift knobs / Dial lock and key lock / TX-RX lamp / Alphanumeric display / Auto-power-off / CTCSS encode for 10m FM repeater accesses / Microphone, Headphone and External speaker jacks on the front panel / Large, temperature-controlled internal cooling fan with anti-overheat output power limiter/ High-SWR protection?cand more!

[Standard accessories]

  • EMS-64 (SR8E/SR8T: Dynamic)
  • DC cable
  • Microphone hanger EBC-7

Power Supply Available Download the Instruction Manual Now Specifications: GENERAL Operating mode: J3E (USB, LSB), A3E (AM), A1A (CW), F3E (FM) Antenna impedance:  50ohm unbalanced Frequency stability: +/-1ppm Power requirement:  13.8V DC +/-15% (11.7 to 15.8V DC) Ground method: Negative ground: Current drain Receiver: 1.0A(max.)  0.7A(Squelched) Transmit: 20A Operating temperature: -10digC to 60digC (+14digF to +140digF) Dimentions: 240(w) x 94(h) x 255(d)mm (Projections not included) (9.45″(w) x 3.7″(h) x 10″(d) 240(w) x 100(h) x 293(d)mm (9.45″(w) x 3.94″(h) x 11.54″(d) Weight: Approx. 4.1kg (144.6oz) TRANSMITTER Power Output: SSB, CW, FM: 100W(Hi) Approx. 10W (Low) Approx. 1W (S-Low) AM: 40W(Hi) Approx. 4W (Low) Approx. 0.4W (S-Low) Modulation system: SSB: Balanced modulation AM: Low power modulation FM: Reactance modulation Spurious emission: Less than -50dB (Less than -45dB in 30m band) Carrier suppression: More than 40dB Unwanted sideband: More than 50dB(1KHz) Maximum FM deviation: +/-2.5KHz RECEIVER Receive circuitry: Double conversion superheterodyne Sensitivity: SSB: (0.15 to 1.8MHz)   0dBu(1uV) CW: (1.8 to 30MHz)   -12dBu(0.25uV) AM: (0.15 to 1.8MHz)   +20dBu(10uV) AM: (1.8 to 30MHz)   +6dBu(2uV) FM: (28 to 30MHz)   -6dBu(0.5uV) Intermediate frequency: 1st 71.75MHz, 2nd 455KHz Selectivity: SSB, CW, AM(narrow): 2.4KHz/-6dB  4.5KHz/-60dB AM, FM: 6KHz/-6dB  18KHz/-60dB -6dB: 6KHz or more -60dB: 16KHz or less (NFM) Spurious and image rejection ratio: More than 70dB Audio output power: More than 2.0W(8ohm 10%THD) RIT variable range: +/-1.2KHz

Get yours today at Amateur Radio Supplies

The alinco dx-sr8t


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