RV and Motorhome solar panel kits

As I sit here throughout the day working in my small home office, I often consider different ways to power my electronic systems and emergency communications equipment.

Interested in only powering devices with a small solar panel kit.

Small solar panel kits.

Small solar panel kits can be a great way to find out if solar power is right for you, before you buy a full kit.


I have been looking at portable RV (Recreational Vehicle) and motorhome solar panel kits as one option to do this.
motorhome solar panel kits

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Ok but what is a solar panel kit ?

most solar panel kits consist of a solar panel (or several panels) a 12 volt battery like you would find in your car and a power inverter that converts the 12 volts from the battery to 120 volts AC found in your house. The solar panel charges up the battery during daylight hours, and depending on how much sun you have and how many cranking amps the battery is can run the power inverter to keep your electrical devices running.


Why do I need a Solar panel kit ?

I live in a remote area on the upper northwest peninsula 20 miles from the nearest town, and with a small portable emergency solar panel kit I would be able to set up fairly quickly during an extended power outage, which are quite common out here. During these power outages the most common reason is high wind gusts that like to take out power lines.

The biggest consideration would be powering computer equipment, laptops, router and radio equipment. I would also have to look at my police scanners to keep me updated on police and fire department activity. I do have several hand crank emergency radios already like the Kaito KA-600 that cover the AM FM and shortwave bands as well as NOAA channels. I also have coverage of the FRS/GMRS channels and Marine.

RV and Motorhome solar panel kits would cover most of this, and coupled with several deep cycle batteries would keep me going for several weeks if needed.


Save 25% on the Go Power Solar RV kit

motorhome solar panel kits for emergency power


I have a strong passion for all things radio. When I am not writing about different types of radio gear, I am out in the shack working the world on the HF bands, or troubleshooting an older shortwave radio.

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