What is the best emergency radio.

When deciding on which emergency hand crank radio is best for your situation, their are a lot of factors that have to be weighed in before you decide. A radio may be very popular and get great survival radio reviews, but if it doesn’t do everything that your particular situation may need it may not be the best emergency radio for you.

No excuse anymore

With the recent influx of hand crank emergency radios that are on the market, there really is no reason why you should be unprepared. A decent hand crank emergency radio can be a life saver. Why be a burden on the Emergency Services when you can be prepared NOW and take all the precautions for when the storm season hits. It isn’t like the storms sneak up on us, and they seem to happen around the same time every year, so why aren’t you preparing for it.


Weather radio reviews.

Ambient weathers hand crank emergency radio line are rugged and popular
Hand crank emergency radio from Ambient Weather

If you go online to the Amazon web site you can quickly find that one of the most popular emergency weather radios is the Ambient weather line. The Ambient weather WR-111B is a best seller on Amazon, and for good reason. It offers AM and FM radio as well as all 10 NOAA weather channels. it also has a digital display to easily find your local broadcast stations for emergency information.

It can be ran off of batteries. It has 5 different way that it can be powered including a small solar panel to recharge batteries. The Ambient weather radio is a great bargain under $40.00. The ambient weather adventurer can also charge other devices through a USB port, using either the hand crank, wall charger or solar panel.
The Ambient weather adventurer is a great emergency hand crank radio that will fit most peoples needs, but is it the best emergency radio for me.

Great prices on hand crank emergency radios

Best emergency radio.

The Kaito KA-600 hand crank emergency radio
Power this Kaito KA600 from 3 different sources including solar power

The ambient weather radios are the most popular radios on the market although it doesn’t fit all my needs. One thing that I look for is shortwave radio. I like to be able to hear news from all over the world. This can be informative and entertaining.
The Kaito KA-600 voyager has great shortwave reception with full coverage up to 30 MHZ. I can not only listen to shortwave stations but I can listen in on the CB radio from 26.965 to 27.405 MHZ. This is great if you need local road and weather conditions as they happen.
The Kaito voyager does cost more but with the shortwave band coverage it is still a great bargain. The Kaito KA-600 also has a solar panel, hand crank and USB ports. You can charge the radio 5 different ways AND charge other small devices.
One thing that does not fit the bill is the flashlight. You can not stand the radio on end to light up a small area. This is a big set back for me. The Kaito does include a reading light that will light up a small area if set up on a high shelf. I can set the Kaito in the window to keep it constantly charged up using the solar panel on the backside, and it is always ready when I need it.

NOAA weather radios.

If you do not need a lot of features then a simple weather radio may suit your needs just fine. Many have solar panels and hand cranks for power outages. Many have weather alerts that will sound a tone and give current weather conditions when bad storms are on their way. Most of the time they will sit quietly on your desk until an alert is given from NOAA.

Best survival radio.

One thing that you may need to consider is the size of the emergency hand crank radio if you plan on being able to move around. The size and construction of the radio and weatherproofing are also things to look at. A kaito voyager pro is almost everything I need, but if I had to move around if my home was destroyed the size would be a bit of a burden. It is fairly large and the construction isn’t the best. The hand crank does have a bit of a flimsy feel to it, like it could be easily broken. This is fine around the house during a power outage but if I was to take it out in the field I would have to be extremely careful with it. it does not offer any weather protection so I would have to keep it dry. The hand crank is nice but it will not charge the batteries on my Baofeng UV-5R, so I can’t use it to charge up my emergency communication radios at all.

OK so which emergency hand crank radio is best for ME ?

As you rummage through the piles of emergency radio reviews you will be overwhelmed by the various radios that are on the market. Before you start looking you should make a list of needs that are important to you. This would include features that you need as well as size and durability. I personally enjoy a radio that has shortwave so that was an important feature for me. it may not be so great for you.

  • Do you need the NOAA channels for weather alerts.
  • How about AM/ and FM broadcast bands.
  • Do you need to be able to charge other devices with the hand crank
  • do you need solar power.
  • Will the radio take rechargeable batteries that can be charged with the hand crank.
  • How well does the built in flashlight work, or do you even need one.
  • What other devices will the hand crank charge.

Being prepared with a hand crank emergency radio

The bottom line is that in this day and age their is no reason why you should be caught off guard when bad weather hits. When hurricane Sandy hit last year people were caught off guard, adding to the burden of the emergency and police services. With a little preparation beforehand that load could have been cut in half. Sure, an emergency hand crank radio is not all that is needed, but with the low prices and quality radios that are on the Market, it is a good starting point.

Great prices on hand crank emergency radios

Looking for a hand crank emergency radio


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