Why do I need a police scanner

After the horrible tragedy that struck the Boston Marathon last week, it is becoming more and more apparent that people want to hear what the police departments in their area are up to. Often you can hear what is happening by listening to local police scanners online. It is not really hard to find local police scanner frequencies by doing a quick Google search.

More and more people want to know what is going on with their local police departments.


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If you do decide to purchase a scanner online and feed it into the internet for a live feed, just remember that this is considered a grey area and if you happen to interfere with an ongoing investigation you can and will be in trouble. You could be jailed for impeding justice if you tip someone off that the police are on their way.


Live feeds of police activity to the internet is still a grey area.


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When deciding on what sort of scanner you need all it takes is a little bit of searching to figure out if your local police department uses digital communications. Most Police departments in rural areas still use a simple repeaters to communicate with patrols.
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Antenna systems are just as important. Without a decent antenna your scanner is worthless.

Another thing to look at is the antenna system. If you live within the city limits then the provided antenna on your police scanner should be adequate. If you live outside of town or want to hear communications farther away then you will need an external antenna, placed outside your house somewhere. You will need to buy an inexpensive feed-line and an adapter as well, since most scanners have a BNC connector while the feed-line, sometimes referred to as coax, will most likely have PL-259 connectors.


Listening to police scanners is a great hobby that will provide you with countless hours of entertainment while keeping you informed


When looking for local police scanner frequencies or Police scanner channels usually a quick Google search will provide you with more fun stuff to listen to. The number of frequencies can be a long list. One site to visit for a great list is Radio Reference which will give a list of frequencies to listen to. If you are not very tech savvy you can purchase a scanner that will give the most common frequencies used for your area. You just put in your area code and away it goes.

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You can listen to the workers and dispatch at the local mill, hear taxi cabs throughout the day, even hear the little tugboat out in the Marina as it pushes the large cargo ships around port. You can put the scanner into “scan” mode and discover new frequencies as well. You can hear Family Radio Service radios chatter away and Ham radio communications.

Listening to police scanners is a great hobby that will provide you with countless hours of entertainment while keeping you informed of what is happening in your area. For a great selection of scanners to choose from, be sure to visit Amazon


Listening to a police scanner


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