Where to find the best police scanners on sale

As we become more and more aware of the corruption in our society, the need to listen in on Police and fire department on a police scanner is a high priority. Not only can you listen in on emergency services but also most Government agencies. But where can you find the best deal on a Police scanner ?

Police scanner reviews

One important thing to look at when deciding on which scanner will work for you is the customer reviews. If you take a look at the police and fire scanners that are available you will find a lot of comments on the item you are looking at. Some of these will include

  • How easy it is to program
  • How well made the item is
  • Quality of construction
  • Was the item broken
  • How was customer support
  • Sound quality
  • how many channels

Used police scanners

Another option if you are looking for an inexpensive way to get into listening to a police scanner is to check the used classified ad’s. Taking a look at your local craigslist can give many results, and it may already be programmed from the previous owner for your local police and fire departments. Just be sure to check it out and make sure it works before you hand over your hard earned cash.

What type of scanner do you need.

When deciding on which type of police scanner is right for you, it is very important to think about where you will be using your scanner. Do you want to listen in your car or in your living room. If you want something small that you can carry with you then a handheld police scanner that runs on batteries may be the way to go. if you just want to listen at home then a base scanner that plugs into the AC wall outlet may be more ideal. A handheld scanner can be used at home as well, but if you listen a lot you will spend a lot of money  unless you choose one that comes with rechargeable batteries. A home scanner is great until the power goes out, then you wont be able to listen unless you run solar panels or a gas generator. You also can not carry a home scanner around as easily.

Radio shack police scanners

Radio shack has been in the radio business for many years, and although they seem to be concentrating more on cell phones these days, Radio Shack still offers many choices for the beginner police radio scanner enthusiast. Although you may pay a bit more they are still a great way to get instant gratification when you pull your money out of your pocket. Unless the Radio Shack store is privately owned do no not expect much help from the salesperson. They do have an excellent return policy, so if your radio doesn’t work you can instantly exchange it on the spot. That fact alone makes it worth the higher price you pay.

The final choice on a police scanner

When you decide on which scanner is right for you, be sure to shop around for the particular model that fits all your needs. Take a look at whether it comes with rechargeable batteries, and whether or not you will need an external antenna.  Also check to see if your local fire and police department uses a digital trunking type of system. Also check the return policy of the company that you are giving your hard earned money to if you decide to buy a new police scanner. If it arrives broken you will be able to return it fairly easy.

And most important, enjoy your new hobby.

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How to find a police scanner on sale


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