Portable solar powered generator are great for power outages or natural disasters when you need power

Where are you when the lights go out ?

Ok, you made it this far, so you still must have power and Internet, and are at least mildly interested in some sort of plan on what to do when the power goes out. Losing power is never fun, and always happens at the worse time. Last year alone we had 4 power outages for a total of 5 days. 5 freaking days of cooking meals on a propane stove and running everything on battery power, including the portable DVD player so the kids wouldn’t freak out and start whining about being bored!

So what’cha gonna do sport?

With the Go Power solar panel kit you can have power anywhere you go.

Add it to your existing power system and save money by using Solar power instead of running that expensive noisy gas generator.

All you add is an existing battery system and you are ready to go.

Go Power! 50 Watt Solar RV Kit


Our Price: $620.70
SALE: 20% OFF -$165.54


plus FREE 
Ground / Parcel Shipping
Color: Black


Or you can stumble around in the dark and stub your big toe.

Stumbling around in the dark trying to find your emergency supplies is never any fun. And power outages always seem to occur at the most inconvenient times. Until the power companies put them on some sort of schedule, you are left wondering just when it will happen. Don’t be that guy stumbling around in the dark with the wife griping and kids screaming, be prepared!

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Go Power 50W motorhome solar power kit with digital regulator


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