The G5RV antenna system is one of most popular multiband wire antennas in the world.

it is a low cost, low maintenance antenna system that provides good performance on the HFbands. The G5RV antennas sold at Amazon are made in the USA and built to last. You can also build a G5RV antenna system yourself  including water resistant interconnections, insulated wire connections and strong, rugged components. Whether you build a G5RV antenna yourself or purchase a G5RV that is already assembled – this antenna will stand the test of time.


A G5RV is easy to build, and a great starter antenna for your antenna farm.

The G5RV is one of the most popular antenna’s ever designed

G5RV multi-band antennas have remained very popular here in the United States and around the world with Ham radio operators for a variety of reasons. Primarily the G5RV antenna design gives them all band performance in a fairly compact package. But what I really like about this selection of US made G5RV antennas available at Amateur Radio Supplies is the high quality end insulators that are 100% UV stable, and 14 gauge wire which is up to the national electric code for permanent residential installations. So this combination of high quality wire and end insulators will last a lifetime. It also includes 31′ of 450 ohm copper clad steel wire ladder line that feeds down from the center insulator to a coax transition and is completely waterproof all the way down to the stainless steel SO-239 connector.

Build your very own G5RV antenna today

So, that’s why I’ve selected these G5RV antennas. It is an easy to build wire antenna that will give years of great performance. Build yours today and see how easy it is.

Available at Amazon for $12.95

G5RV antenna systems


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