You finally got your Baofeng UV-5R in your greedy little hands.

OK, you have had your Baofeng UV-5R or similar radio for some time now, and you are getting used to the different features that are available. You have bought all the inexpensive Baofeng radio accessories that you could find, and now you are wondering what to do next.


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One of the best ways to extend the range of your Baofeng radio is with an aftermarket dual band antenna. There are several different ones that are available at a meager price tag, and depending on your needs you have several choices.

Arrow dual band beam baofeng uv-5rA dual band handheld radio like the Baofeng UV-5R is a great choice at a low price, making it easy to afford other accessories to go along with it, like higher capacity batteries, cases, speaker microphones and dual band antennas. But what happens when you want to extend the range of your little radio to hit that distant repeater that all your friends use ?

Dual Band J-Pole

The J-pole antenna design has been around for a long time in the ham community and it is a long standing workhorse with its omni-directional pattern and gain over a dipole. It is available in all sorts of configurations including a roll up 2M j-pole made out of 300 or 450 ohm ladder-line , to a copper pipe version that is still very small and portable and gives good performance.




With the addition of a simple inexpensive J-pole antenna, you can extend the range of your Baofeng UV-5R radio.

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Expert power 7.56″ dual band antenna

Coming in at just 7.56″ is the Expert-Power dual band two way radio antenna for 144/440MHZ. This antenna boasts Gain: 2.15dBi (144-146 MHz), 3.5dBi (430-440 MHz)

Expert power antenna perform better than the stock Baofeng UV-5R antenna

Frequency Range: 144/430 MHz

VSWR: less than 1.5

Gain: 2.15dBi (144-146 MHz), 3.5dBi (430-440 MHz)

Maximum Power Input-watts: 50 W

Height: 7.56 inches

Connector: SMA-Female



ExpertPower® 7.56″ Dual Band Two-way Radio Antenna.

Next in the ExpertPower lineup is the 14.4 whichs extends your range even farther. With the female SMA antenna connector it pairs up great with the Baofeng UV-5r radio.


Expert power makes a a dual band antenna for the Baofeng UV-5R radios. With SMA-F connectors, no adapter is needed.
ExpertPower 14.4 dual band handheld radio antenna connector with female SMA for Baofeng Radios

Save 62% on the ExpertPower® 14.4″ Dual Band Two-way Radio Antenna

With the Workman VHF/UHF antenna, you can increase the range of your Baofeng UV-5R
Workman Ham Radio UVS-200 144 / 440 MHz Dual Band Base Antenna works great with the Baofeng UV-5R. Just dont forget the proper SMA-F adapter.

These antennas are very inexpensive, and will improve your gain tremendously. But what if you want even MORE range. Thats where an outdoor antenna comes in to play. Whether you choose a vertical antenna or a basic j-pole, an outdoor antenna can improve your range.

Workman 2m/440 vertical

High quality, full-size 2 meter and 70 cm base antenna with exceptional gain. High performance, 200 watt power rating provides with low SWR and broad bandwidth. The radiator and coil are hermetically sealed in white fiberglass tubing to assure low SWR in all weather. DC ground construction allows static dissipation for low noise ratio and maximum lightning protection. Vertical polarization with 6db+ gain makes for an exceptional base antenna. Specifications: VHF 144-148 MHz: 6dB Gain UHF 435-450 MHz: 8dB Gain 2 Section Fiberglass Radiator 2 – 5/8 Wave Elements on 2m 4 – 5/8 Wave Elements on 70cm 20.5? Stainless Steel Radials 8? 4? Overall Height Die Cast Aluminum Mounting hardware 200 Watts 50 Ohms Maximum Wind load: 110 MPH

Technical Details

  • VHF 144-148 MHz: 6dB Gain
  • UHF 430-450 MHz: 8dB Gain
 This antenna, mounted outdoors on a short 15-20ft mast will increase your range tremendously. Just dont forget to pick up an adapter for the Baofeng so you can connect an external antenna.

Dont forget your adapters.

One oddity about the Baofeng dual band handheld radio’s is the reverse SMA connector for the antenna. In order to connect an external antenna like a j-pole or the Workman vertical, you will need an adapter that converts that PL-259 connector to a reverse SMA.

Don’t forget your adapters.
Don't forget your adapters if you are going to use an external antenna with your Baofeng UV-5R
Anyone of these antennas will increase the range of the Baofeng UV-5R radios. Giving you more range and a better signal to your friends. And don’t forget your Baofeng Accessories while your shopping.


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