Learning about Export 10M radios.


The Galaxy line of export 10m radios
This big bad old export 10M radio will get your signal out

One of my favorite past times as I learn more about electronics and repairs, besides HAM RADIO, is un-modifying 10M export radio’s. No, I didn’t say I was good at it, I just enjoy learning as I repair them.

One radio in particular, a Ranger AR3500 10M rig has me really scratching my head. It was originally modified for 12M/11M/10M use, with all the usually mods to turn up the power as well as modifications to the audio circuits. At one point the original owner had a final transistor blow up and had it fixed. The radio worked for a while, but then quit transmitting again so he had assumed the final had gone bad again.

King of the 10M exports.

Once I got the AR3500 on the work bench, the first thing I did was to undo the frequency modification putting it back on strictly 10M (28.000-29.700MHZ). After that I started to troubleshoot solder connections. I noticed at that point that at times it WOULD transmit, and other times it wouldn’t  When it does transmit i get about 35 watts output. Been working on that radio for awhile now, and have re-soldered almost every connection in the darn thing.

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Galaxy Garbage.

Another strange radio is the DX11b by Galaxy. I have had that one for some time, going over it and trying to find schematics. It has a strange method of determining the frequency (At least its strange to me). You have the basic usage from 28.000 to 28.300 MHZ with a stock radio. The radio has a “band-selector” switch on the front from A to F that gives a range from 25MHZ up to 28MHZ when modified. I am still looking for the right combination to give me 28.000 to 28.500 or so. One other strange thing is that the clarifier was opened up, so that you are not transmitting on the same frequency that you are listening to.

This Export 10M radio has everything you need to get you start on the 10M ham bands
This Export 10M radio has everything you need to get you start on the 10M ham bands

 And the CB radio.

Last but certainly not least, is the Cobra 2000GTL base station. This radio was modified for Freeband use as well, and the power output raised to about 15-20W or so. Clearly Cobra was aiming at the freebanders with this radio since it also included a Frequency counter right on the face of it that doubled as a clock. This radio was never capable of 10M use without major surgery. The PLL chip used is not capable of that range. The previous owner had removed the ANL VR and put a three position switch in its place with three mixing crystals, extending the radios range up to 27.955MHZ or so. Why they did this im not sure, but still working on finding a way to make it an FCC approved radio again for CB use. May not ever get their.


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Export 10M radio’s


I have a strong passion for all things radio. When I am not writing about different types of radio gear, I am out in the shack working the world on the HF bands, or troubleshooting an older shortwave radio.

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