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I was watching the Doomsday preppers TV show the other night, as different individuals prepared for different types of emergency situations. Even though I feel that most of the people on that show may be a little obsessed with prepping, they do have a point. The proof in that is the recent event with a prepper shooting himself in the thumb blowing the end of it off. Luckily he was able to have it sewn back on. Even though that is a horrible thing, I would rather have it happen while practicing than in the event of a real emergency. Lesson learned.

Being a father and head of the household, one of my responsibilities is to take care of my family, no matter what. In any situation, whether it be a zombie apocalypse of the collapse of our nation, I must always be able to take care of them. In that respect I am slowly starting to gather what might be important to us in an emergency.

Living in the Northwest portion of Washington state in a rural community has made preparing even more important. During the winter months we go through heavy storms that cut us off from the power grid as well as emergency services. Living in a rural area all it takes is one good snowfall.

This is a reality here. If I didn’t stock up on canned food as well as a way to cook and heat food, we would probably starve. I also keep medical supplies on hand that I rotate every year and batteries.

One of my biggest assets in an emergency is being able to communicate and know what is going on. I have Ham radio gear that I can run on portable backup power to talk with local operators in town (about 20 miles away). I also keep on hand emergency hand crank radios that do not need any other power source other than winding up a dynamo to provide power. I can listen to NOAA weather reports as well as local AM/FM broadcasts to hear what is happening. Most of these radios provide a way to charge up other small devices such as MP3 players or cell phones.

If you truly love your family and want to take care of them, then at the very least be prepared for natural disasters that may occur.


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Doomsdsay preppers TV show


I have a strong passion for all things radio. When I am not writing about different types of radio gear, I am out in the shack working the world on the HF bands, or troubleshooting an older shortwave radio.

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