The Cobra 148 GTL

When it comes to CB radio and communication equipment Cobra has been the leader since the heyday CB craze. The popular 148-GTL has been the top dog in the Cobra CB radio lineup, for good reason: They make the best !!

The legend continues.



As CB radios become fancier and  offer more features every year, the classic Cobra 148 GTL continues to be the standard that other CB radio manufactures go by. Now at TheNerds, you can get your very own Cobra 148 GTL at a very competitive price while staying informed of weather and road conditions. Dont forget, when other communications devices become useless CB radios will be one of the few ways to continue communicating.

Cobra 148 GTL AM/Single Sideband CB RadioCobra 148 GTL AM/Single Sideband CB Radio148 GTL148 GTL AM/Single Sideband CB Radio148GTL2 Year2.4″6.76 lb7.9″9.8″

The Original 148 GTL is back… and better than ever! Professional driver-requested improvements include a front panel microphone connector for convenient in-dash installation, 9-foot microphone cord for easy reach anywhere within the cab, and tactile controls for added convenience and safety when adjusting functions.

40 AM and 80 SSB Channels 40 AM, 40 Upper Side Band, 40 Lower Side Band4 Watts AM, 12 Watts SSB The maximum allowed by law

SWR Calibration Allows calibration of antenna system for maximum performance

9 Foot Microphone Cord For easy reach within any area of the vehicle

Front Microphone Connector Allows convenient installation to be in dash or under dash

Tone Control 3 position control allows fine tuning of audio levels

Adjustable Dynamike Boost Dynamically boosts microphone for increased voice clarity

Tactile Controls Allows you to actually feel where the dial is in it’s rotation without taking your eyes off the road

PA Capability Use CB radio as a Public Address System with PA speaker.

Receive signals can also be monitored through PA

RF Gain Adjusts receive gain in weak and strong signal areas Switchable Noise Blanker For increased noise reduction CB Radio Cobra Cobra Electronics Corporation Vehicle Mounth ttp://

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Cobra 148 GTL CB radio


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