So, here I am in the new place experimenting around with different antenna ideas, trying to find some configuration that will allow me to hear something. The noise level is still at an S9 on EVERY band, and the City has yet to do anything other than acknowledging that yes, their is a problem.


I have to say that living in town has been a real joy. It is nice being able to see more of Teresa. It is GREAT having a 5 minute drive to work. It is also spectacular that I can spend more time with the family. We are also saving a ton of money on gas. The only drawback is NO RADIO!


Called the City dept of utilities this morning to see if anything had happened since we last talked. Apparently they haven’t had a chance to get out here with EMF equipment to do any tests. They DID say however, that the other day they were driving down my block listening to the AM broadcast band, and as they got nearer, the noise level went through the roof and drowned out the station they were listening to. The lady I talked to did remember our conversation and were going to look into the problem, she just didn’t know when they would be able to get over with the equipment they needed to do the testing. What equipment do ya need? A portable AM radio and a Hatchet would fix the problem rather quickly, but that is frowned upon.