Whether it be CB FRS or Amateur and Ham radio.

As radio falls farther and farther behind and a younger generation embraces the latest greatest technology i see radio falling short. The younger generation has no honest interest in Radio anymore since cell phones (Which are basically small transceivers) become more popular and have more features.

As a kid i was always fascinated on how radio worked. I remember using an old tube tabletop AM radio to listen to radio stations from all over the country. I figured out pretty early on that if i used a bigger antenna i could receive more stations. As the wire outside in the trees become more and more outrageous my fascination grew.

In the summer of 75 we took a trip to WA state and my dad picked up a couple of old Kraco CB-Delux from an uncle that was into radio and hooked them up. We had one setup as a base station with a simple big-stick antenna on the roof and the other went into his vehicle that he drove for a living. It was great being able to talk to him during the day as he drove all over LA county as a courier. We even applied for license and were pretty excited when we received them in the mail.

One of the next biggest driving factors was the day that I heard a gentleman in Oklahoma talking to another operator in Arizona. This was my first experience with CB radio DX. All of the sudden the channels exploded and i was talking to people all over the country. From that day on i had the DX bug and was always trying to figure out new ways to talk farther on my little 4 watt 23 CH CB-deluxe.

We as radio operators, whether it be Amateur, CB, FRS, GMRS or any other hobby or professional service need to become more visible and band together to further propagate our hobby into the 21st Century.

I see some effort being made with some of the digital modes using computers and Software defined Radios (SDR) but that is not going to be enough to bring the magic of radio back to young minds and start a lifelong passion for radio.

It doesnt even matter what modes you prefer on whatever radio service you choose to follow as long as we are getting the message out that we are here to stay.

There was a time when Radio Operators were at the forefront of technology developing newer and better electronics and circuits that were more efficient. Now it seems that whenever i mention ham radio to someone they have no idea what i am talking about, except to ask “is that like CB”, or “My grandpa used to do that”.

It is my hope here today that i can find some way to bring all the different types of radio operators together in a simple blog, no matter what you are into as long as it involves radio, and have us seen to the public as a relevant service again instead of just an ugly eyesore in the neighborhood.

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