On the move

Having moved recently from a beautiful location out in the country to a home inside the city limits, I have been confronted by a terrible thing. Noise!

Look at all them sexy trees just waiting for WIRE!
Tell me again just WHY I moved from this beautiful place back into town??

Did you hear that?

Not just your standard noise either, but Radio Frequency Interference or RFI for short. RFI eats every signal on a radio and makes them completely unintelligible. No AM/SSB or CW signal seems to be able to get through. Every band and every channel, nothing but freaking hash noise. I have tried filtering it out with every filter known to man, and tried different antenna configurations. Nothing! NADA! ZIP! Nothing but noise.


I LOVE it herKenwood TS-440SAT after RFI Got ahold of it!e

Living in town has been great so far. It is only a 5 minute drive to work, my kids can get out more often and do things, and I can see the wife during our lunch breaks.¬† It also isn’t a full days trip to go grocery shopping, and we don’t have to buy items that are overpriced at the General Store. The beer also tastes better in town for some reason.

Back to the issue at hand. RFI. Darn darn darn RFI! Doesn’t matter whether I am using my Trusty little Uniden Pro505XL 40 channel cb radio or my expensive Kenwood TS-850 HF rig, I hear nothing but the strongest signals coming through, day and night!

Troubleshooting methods.

OK, I know that sooner or later¬† I am going to find the culprit that is causing my radio station all this grief, but until then I have to just deal with it. So far I have tried several vertical antenna’s in different spots around the yard, placed at different heights from 5ft to 35ft, and even built a 20M Extended Double Zepp. I have laid that darn wire antenna out in every possible configuration to get rid of the noise. In a final desperate attempt I fogoed the kids whining and turned off the main breaker to he house and connected my gear to a car battery. STILL NOTHING! AAARGHHHHHHHH

It seems that my next step is to borrow a portable marine radio from a friend that has a directional antenna on it, to see if I can further diagnose the problem and find out at least what is causing all this RFI. Until then, not going to be on the radio much, at least until Field Day this weekend.

Hope to see you on the air!