Since moving back into town here in NW WA state, I have been really enjoying listening to all the activity from the local Police and fire departments. Living 20 miles from town for the last 10 years, I was unable to listen on my favorite frequencies to hear what was going on. Now that I live in town, I am receiving an overdose of information. During the busier times I listen to 2 different police scanners so that I can hear more activity and not miss anything. You also get a good idea of how different agencies interact with one another.

One other activity that has been a blast is listening to the Family Radio Service frequencies. Although these little radios are limited on the antenna and power output, I can still hear a lot of them, being located smack dab in the middle of town. I am also NOT limited to my receive antenna, so i have a better range than they do!

Did I mention that is one way to get around  the limitations on the smaller FRS radios? By setting up a police scanner on FRS frequencies, you can increase your range by 10X. Just program the channels in that you want to use. You talk on one channel and have your friend program THAT frequency into HIS scanner. Your friend talks on another channel, and you program THAT frequency into YOUR scanner. As long as you have a decent scanner antenna up, you can increase your range AND have full duplex transmit receive.


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