The CB radio has been around for a long time now, and even though it is perfectly usable to most, their still exists groups that are not happy with it. These operators use their radio’s in an illegal manner, transmitting in between the 11M band and the 10M band. This “freeband” is in the range of 27.405MHZ and 28.000MHZ, sometime spilling over into the bottom of the 10M CW portion (28.000-28.100MHZ).

Most of the freebanders use modified 10M radio equipment that has been modified to extend the transmitting/receive range to go into those frequencies. They put out more power than most CB’s (up to 100W output) and include modes that are not legal for the CB 11M band. These include Morse code and FM.

Although the set of frequencies used by the freebanders are used very little, it still presents a problem for honest radio operators. Not only do they portay us all as outlaws, they are operating illegally causing interference to legitimate uses of the 2 radio bands.

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