The hello kitty FRS radios now fight off zombies

Hello Kitty FRS Radios
Aren’t these Hello Kitty FRS radios Menacing looking !!!

The day started of innocent enough.

One day as your playing on your fancy Ham radio setup, you  look out the window to see your neighbor Tom walking across your lawn towards the house, staggering and moaning as he makes his way to your front door. You open the window and yell out a greeting, but he doesn’t reply. He just continues walking. For some odd reason he has his arms sticking straight out as he steps onto your front porch. You only then notice other neighbors that you have known for years gathering in the street in a mob all heading in your direction. You hear a loud boom and see sparks in the distance as the power transformer for your small suburb explodes and the lights go out. No sound coming from your radio either. It is just then that your realize it’s THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE !!!!

Hello Kitty FRS radios Zombie ApocalypseSpinning into CHAOS one Hello Kitty FRS Radio at a time.

As the worlds turmoil hits closer and closer to home, more people are unprepared for the impending doom that faces us with the Zombie Apocalypse. Now you can be the shining light of hope facing off the doom and destruction by being prepared for the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE with an

Emergency Survival 72 Hour Bug Out Bag.


  • The Emergency Survival 72 Hour Bug Out Bag from FOX-TACTICAL comes with: FOX Tactical Advanced 3-Day Combat Pack (Black)
  • Loaded with Emergency Food Water and Supplies, including Ameriqual A-Pack MREs, SOS Food Lab 2400 Food Bars & Emergency Drinking Packets,
  • Kaito Voyager NOAA Weather Radio
  • Leatherman Blast Multi-Tool
  • Coghlans & more – Great for 2012 Doomsday Preppers Zombie Apocalypse Kit

And now you can couple this up with the Hello Kitty FRS Family Radio Service walkie talkie communicators for all your Elite Zombie Apocalypse radio communications.

Find others that have not become victims of the Zombie Apocalypse as you cross the land, feeling safe and secure with your lifeline in a bag.


 Be sure to get it here first, and protect you and your family from the Zombie Apocalypse and be able to communicate with other preppers.
Emergency radio Communications with the Hello Kitty FRS radios


I have a strong passion for all things radio. When I am not writing about different types of radio gear, I am out in the shack working the world on the HF bands, or troubleshooting an older shortwave radio.

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